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Sharvani Fruitiveg


Sharvani Fruitiveg offers a wide variety of vegetables and fruits with the best
quality, flexible packaging & punctual delivery.


Our History

  • Company Overview

    Today, IFECís current range of vegetables and fruits stand at more than 300 different varieties. Each commodity is specially air flown and delivered timely to guarantee freshness, an attribute which IFEC takes very seriously. In a move to prove their sincerity to assure freshness, IFEC established their own hydroponics plantation in Cameron Highlands growing and transporting popular agricultural products under the strictest quality control. From an initial business of 4 workers they currently boast more than 30 workers under their operations of packaging and inspection, ensuring only the best quality is delivered. From an earlier $10K/month business, they have now grossed a monthly turnover of $500K/month. The potential to grow ever bigger is already in the planning as the business set its sight northwards to India.
  • Further Expansions

    - After shifting warehouse, company business further expands and monthly turnover increase to $1.30 million/month.
    - More workers hire and now 50 workers working with us.
  • The Future

    - Supply Frozen Provisions, dried & canned foods, beverages, dairy products and bonded stores
    - Supply a wide range of stores and equipment to the vessels and its crew, including cabin, deck, engine, electrical and safety stores, charts, publications, general consumables and tools.
    - Storage and transportation services.

Some of our Products

Our current range of vegetables and fruits stand at more than 300 different varieties

  • Bannana


  • Cantaloupe


  • Artichoke


  • Spinach